He Is Risen, As He Said

Mar 23, 2014
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by Justin Huffman 

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only plausible explanation for Christianity’s continued and triumphant existence. And, alongside a host of early secular writers, we find in the harmonious perspectives of the gospels the divine, perfect, multi-faceted, unified assertion of Jesus' bodily resurrection.

In Matthew's account of this momentous event, he focuses particularly on the appropriate human response to the resurrection of Christ -- worship. You may be skeptical, or indifferent, or ignorant today of the evidence for, or implications of, the resurrection; and you may be surprised to know that the gospel writers are very sympathetic to the doubting, struggling investigator. The disciples themselves were slow to believe. . .  but then thoroughly convinced and irrepressibly inspired.

Join us for this final, climactic study in Matthew of The Trial and Triumph of Jesus Christ.

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Collections: Easter, The Trial & Triumph of Jesus Christ
Matthew 28:1-15
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