The freedom to serve Christ alone

Feb 23, 2017

by Justin Huffman


"All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any" (1 Corinthians 6:12).

It seems as Paul writes his first letter to the church at Corinth, that the Corinthians were taking Paul’s own words – his principle of freedom in Christ specifically – and twisting it to their own sinful purposes. The problem was that some were quoting Paul regarding the freedom we have in Christ, but ignoring the balancing truth of what grace sets us free to do: not to serve ourselves, but to finally and joyfully serve our Savior Jesus Christ.

Paul insists that freedom in Christ does not mean freedom to sin but freedom from sin and its soul-destroying tyranny over us.

To this Paul also adds that "While, yes, I am freed from the bondage of law-service, yet I will not be brought back under slavery by letting anything have control over me but Jesus!"

Nothing should control my life except Jesus through his Word. This means that even things that are not blatantly or intrinsically evil will become poisonous in our lives if we allow them to get power over us, to rule our priorities and pleasures.

Anything I love more than God is harming me; anything I am enjoying more than God is hurting my soul.

Anything I am controlled by other than God is ruining my life!

In other words, not only can sins be sinful, but so can the wrong use of food or football or iPhones or family.

Even non-material things can gain such a mastery over us that they get in the way of whole-hearted service to Jesus: habits, comfort zones, cultural preferences. Anything that controls me other than Christ in his Word hinders my soul.

Believer, beware that – in the name of Christian freedom – you do not become enslaved to any competing desire, priority, or pleasure. In your Christian liberty, determine not to be brought under the control of anything or anyone but Jesus.

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