Behold Your God

Oct 08, 2020

by Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

You feel hopeless—He is the God of hope, Romans 15

You are at your wit’s end—He will hear your cry, Psalm 107:27

You are weary—He will give your rest, Matthew 11:28

You thirst for fellowship with God-- He will give you the water of life, Revelation 22:17

You are weak—He will give you strength, Isaiah 40:29

You feel forsaken—He will take you up, Psalm 27:10

You are confused—He will give you wisdom, James 1:5

You are an unclean sinner—He will cleanse you, I John 1:9

You are fearful—He will come and help you, Isaiah 35:4

You are in the dark—He will give you light, John 8:12

You dread the valley of death—He says I will be with you, Psalm 23

You doubt your salvation—He says He will not cast out those who come to Him, John 6:37

Resource: 'Finding Grace' Blog
Categories: Anxiety and Fear, Comfort, Decision Making, Patience & Hope

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