A New Year’s Hymn

Jan 01, 2019

Scripture everywhere affirms the reality that human life is short -- like a story being told, like vapor in the air, like sparks from a fire. For this reason, open-eyed Christians have always recognized that this world's best gifts are but "trifling" gifts, and small. Therefore, they have refused to settle for anything less than the riches of heaven.

This poem is a fitting prayer for each of us, for "the pure gold" of faith in Christ and love for God:

A New Year's Hymn

Once more the constant sun, Revolving round his sphere, His steady course has run, And brings another year. He rises, sets, but goes not back, Nor ever quits his destined track.


What now should be our task? Or rather, what our prayer? What good thing shall we ask, To prosper this new year? With one accord our hearts we’d lift, And ask our Lord some new year’s gift.


No trifling gift or small, Should friends of Christ desire. Rich Lord, bestow on all Pure gold, well tried by fire. Faith that stands fast when devils roar, And love that lasts for evermore.

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