"Finding Grace" Blog

The tax that changed the world

by Justin Huffman

Caesar Augustus unwittingly obeys God’s decree by publishing his own decree!

Dec. 1, 2016, 6 a.m.

Thanksgiving is prayer and proclamation

by Justin Huffman

True thanksgiving overflows in public, prayerful proclamation.

Nov. 17, 2016, 6 a.m.

What is biblical "thanksgiving"?

by Justin Huffman

In one verse we see at least three crucial elements to godly gratitude.

Nov. 10, 2016, midnight

No more a slave, but a son

by Justin Huffman

Do you have the faith of a son, or of a slave?

Oct. 20, 2016, midnight

Overcoming disagreement for God's glory

by Justin Huffman

Christ is glorified when we value him and his people more than we value our own plans.

Oct. 13, 2016, 6 a.m.
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