What We Do

We believe that the ultimate purpose of human beings is to glorify Jesus Christ and that the great means to that end is the effective application and living out, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, of the all-sufficient Word of God.  Therefore, we seek to broadcast the Word everywhere that we can, praying for God to bring forth fruit according to His power and pleasure.

We recognize that there are real people, with real problems, who are hurting and desperately in need of a genuine solution. We are therefore very serious in our recognition of the needs, and very joyful in our sharing of hope.  

Our dedicated staff works alongside some phenomenal volunteers in order to accomplish the necessary nuts and bolts of the ministry. They continually achieve monumental feats through their tireless service and above-and-beyond mentality. As you may imagine, there are many challenges and much work required behind the scenes in order for this ministry to even get to the radio, internet, or printed page. But the atmosphere here is simply “get the Word out, no matter what, for the glory of God.”


How We Do It

Lasserre Bradley, Jr. began the Baptist Bible Hour in 1953 with just one radio station here in Cincinnati. The broadcast itself has grown steadily since then, going out this week over about 85 different English-speaking radio outlets and now being offered as both a daily and a weekend broadcast. Our publication, the Baptist Witness, reaches thousands of readers each month, now also in India where it is translated into Tamil.

Today, the broadcast can be heard daily and weekly over the radio in the United States and in Asia, and 24/7 worldwide over the internet.

New avenues of communication such as the Internet and podcasting have, of course, changed the world since the 50s and increased the ways that we have been able to get the truth of Christ into homes, offices, and MP3 players of people around the globe. So, along with the old tried and true mediums of radio and the printed page, we have been blessed to see God opening door after door for the gospel to be brought to the multitudes.


How You Can Help

Support the work. One thing that all of our efforts – whether podcasting or printing – have in common is that they all cost money and so we depend upon our listeners and readers to support the work. We want to thank you for helping to keep us on the air in your area or over the internet, and we want to praise the Lord for His provision over the years for this ministry.

Share your testimony. It is our purpose to glorify Jesus Christ by faithfully preaching His Word and thoroughly applying it to the real-life struggles you face. Whether from Ghana, West Africa or Greensboro, North Carolina, from Drenthe, Netherlands or Denver, Colorado we are always thankful to hear from you and to know that we have been used to that end. So please do take the time to write, email, or call us.

Pray for us. With God, all things are possible. Therefore, we covet your prayers to God for us, as we continue to send out the good news. For recent and specific information, you may wish to review our ministry update and needs.


How Can We Help You?

  • Visit the Resource Center. If you have a question, God’s Word has the answer. Although there are countless issues that confront us as Christians in the twenty-first century, in the Bible we find timeless solutions for all of life’s struggles. We encourage you to visit our online resource center, where you will find practical and relevant instruction for the challenges and opportunities of your daily life.

  • Ask a question. If you are wondering what the Bible has to say about a particular subject, most likely someone else is wondering the same thing. Visit our Q&A area to review the queries that others have posted or to submit your own question.

  • Share a prayer request. We meet regularly to pray especially for the Baptist Bible Hour to be used in the lives of each listener, and to pray for the requests that we have received from you.

  • Listen to the broadcast. Jesus prayed, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy Word is truth” (John 17:17). Let the Word of God have its sanctifying effect on you as you listen to Pastor Bradley’s clear and insightful exposition of timeless truth.

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