The Lord Is My Shepherd

Aug 06, 2018
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It is no wonder that this passage is one of the most quoted and loved in all of Scripture. Not only does it speak of the green pastures and still waters that the trusting soul finds in Christ, it also acknowledges the daily presence of shadows, death, and enemies. These physical and spiritual realities resonate deeply with our experience.

Yet the focal point of the passage is also probably the one thing that most endears this psalm to believers everywhere and through the ages — it is a psalm about our Shepherd Jesus and his ongoing presence and provision for each of us individually. It is he that is leading, he that is restoring, he that is with us to cast out fear, he that prepares the table and anoints our head and overflows our cup.

It is a psalm, not so much about me and my blessings and trials, as it is about Jesus and his abundant sufficiency. It is because he is my all-sufficient, deeply aware, constantly present Shepherd that I will never truly lack. And it is this very sight of Jesus that restores my soul.

He restores my soul with himself and the wonderful knowledge of him. It is he — who he is and what he does and how perfect he is — that restores my soul.

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Collection: Psalm 23
Psalms 23:1
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