I Am the Door

Oct 08, 2018
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The significance of any door depends on where it leads to -- a mansion or a hut, a plane to take you where you want to go or a prison door to where you don’t want to be!

The significance of a door also depends on what it guards you from. Which is more crucial: the door to your pantry, or the front door to your house? You can tell by the size and weight of the door, and the locks you put on it!

Here Jesus lets us know he is the door who protects from thieves who come to destroy, and he is the door through whom his sheep will find safety and pasture.

What a comprehensive claim Jesus is making in this passage! Not only to be the good shepherd, but also to be the door through whom he as the Shepherd leads. He is not only the one who leads to complete sufficiency, but is the only means to it.

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Collection: "I Am" Series
John 10:7-9
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