Can you prove the existence of God?

Jul 20, 2015

Paul contends in Romans 1:18-22 that although God is invisible, His works are a visible proof of His actions and existence; everyone realizes, down deep, that there is a God but many try to suppress this knowledge even from themselves. All who claim there is no god have to explain why there is almost universal belief in some god.

What John Calvin said hundreds of years ago is still true, that not one tribe in the world has ever been discovered who was atheistic.

To be a human is in some sense, then, to be religious (although not necessarily true religion). Psalms 19:1 and other passages say that the creation declares its Creator. Thus, it is a valid argument to argue from the creature to the Creator.

Romans 2:14,15 argues that, although Gentiles did not have stone tablets with commandments, God’s law is written on everyone’s heart; everyone has a moral conscience (e.g. everyone in every culture knows it's wrong to cut in line in front of someone else). Many Christians have therefore argued from the existence of the moral law to the existence of the moral law giver… another valid and Scriptural argument.

Interestingly, the Scriptures themselves do not argue for the existence of God so much as they presuppose the existence of God, from the very beginning of the Bible, while stating strongly that God has given us strong evidence of his own existence.

This does not mean that we can best argue for the necessity of God’s existence from one single argument or piece of evidence, because of the nature and subjectivity of even human reasoning. It is certainly more plausible, however, that God exists than that he doesn’t, considering the cumulative evidence around us.

To the mind that is made up already against the existence of God, however, any amount of evidence would be ignored or denied.

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