A Cake Not Turned, pt 1

Aug 05, 2018
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“Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people: Ephraim is a cake not turned” (Hosea 7:8).

As we look at Hosea chapter seven, we first see the sins of the people were great. As we read of the sins of which the people were guilty so many years ago, we must not view it as merely a history lesson but that we might see our own sins and then confess and forsake them. Secondly, we see they were blind to their condition. How often this is the case. It is easy to see the fault of others while not acknowledging our own. Then, we rejoice to see God’s mercy was available. Finally, we ask, what could have been done? As we review what could have been done by Israel we see what can be done by us today.

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