The Urgency of "Daily"

Jan 09, 2014

by Justin Huffman

"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me" (Luke 9:23).

Some days are especially memorable. Whether they were especially good (e.g. your wedding day) or especially bad (e.g. September 11, 2001), some days you will remember as long as you have a memory.

But Jesus reminds us here that every day of your life is important!

Jesus says Christian discipleship is a daily pursuit, a daily priority.

It is necessary and urgent that we make conscious, careful decisions about how we are going to spend each day.

This is not a call from Jesus merely to be organized, but to live a life that is prioritized. And not just with a general, vague sense that some things are more important than other things, but an urgent compulsion to build your day, every day, around certain overriding priorities... because they are just that important.

Jesus could have simply said, "Anyone wanting to be my disciple will have to deny themselves and follow me." That would have been striking and thought-provoking by itself. But Jesus purposefully includes this one game-changing, life-transforming word: “daily”.

We are to follow Jesus Christ daily. Not occasionally, not frequently, not regularly -- but daily.

We are to live according to eternal realities and priorities, yet with urgency because of our own brevity.

So, as this New Year begins, consider the urgency of Jesus' call to follow him, to take up your cross, on a daily basis. May your daily discipleship, decision-making, and devotional life be centered around the goodness of God, in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is the only thing in all the universe that is worth pursuing all day, every day, for all your life.

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Luke 9:23
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