Hallowed Be Thy Name

Jun 04, 2018

I have been lately studying, meditating, preaching, and praying through the Lord's Prayer. In considering the first and great request "Hallowed be thy name," I came across this paradigm-shifting, priority-rearranging, prayer-transforming quote from John MacArthur:

This is the first request… And it's on God's behalf! I come on Your behalf. This is then the fundamental duty in prayer. Self is immediately removed and God is the priority. The glory of God, the hallowing of His great name is the foundation of all prayers, it is the ultimate end of all things. Every request, no matter what it is, must be subordinated to this one, be in harmony with this one, or in pursuit of this one… It's a warning against self-seeking. It's a warning against asserting your will and your ambition and your goals and your dreams. God does not exist in heaven to fulfill your dreams, contrary to what you hear so much today. He does not exist in heaven to give you what you want. He exists in heaven and has redeemed you and made you His child in order that in you He might display His will and His Kingdom and His glory. "Hallowed be Thy name... O God, before I ever talk about my bread, my sin, my life, know this, I desire Your glory to be displayed."

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