We are committed to teaching the Bible because we are confident that the simple, accessible expression of God's truth will lead to transformation in the lives of our listeners and readers. Our goal with these resources is to make and equip Christian disciples, that they may equip others, for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom. We glorify God the more we know and resemble Him.

We realize that this will necessarily require milk for the new Christian and meat for the maturing disciple. There is a diversity of experience and of knowledge among God's people and we wish to be helpful and understandable to each. Therefore, we have made a variety of resources available to you, from daily devotionals to doctrinal dissertations. We encourage you to ask questions about the life issues with which you are wrestling or theological topics that you are pondering. Share a prayer request with us. Follow our ministers meditations and endeavors through the BBH blog.

We look forward to continually growing this resource center with additional messages, thoughts, and articles, so please check back in regularly or, better yet, subscribe to our resource center feed to keep up with the latest articles, Q&A, devotions, and blog entries.

Today's Devotional: Future Things

Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule ...

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This Week's Broadcast: That You Might Believe, pt 2

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The gospel is shared in order for you to have faith in Jesus Christ.

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This Week's Sermon: Abraham's Blessing Is Passed On

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God's power brought about the promised Redeemer; and it is our responsibility to trust in Him.

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Latest Article: Adopted For God's Glory

God is gracious in order to bring praise to the glory of his grace.

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Latest Blog Post: Exhort each other daily

We must not put off until tomorrow the repentance that is needed today. Read more ›
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